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How can i make money online without a bank account

how can i make money online without a bank account

Last updated: 28 June We value our editorial independence, basing our comparison results, content and reviews on objective mnoey without bias. But we may receive compensation when you click links on our site. Learn more about how we make money from our partners. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, approximately Some methods include:. Several money transfer services allow you to fund the request in cash. Western Union, MoneyGram and similar agents allow you to send cash from storefront locations. Some transfer services allow credit cards for online transfers. Though expect to pay more and for these transfers, and it could take up to five days for your recipient to get the funds.

2. Send via a Money Transfer Agent

However, life is a lot less stressful if you do have a bank account. It could be temporary because you moved or have to clear an identity theft issue. Or, it could be more permanent. Maybe you just tired of the fees, concerned over security, or just want to live off-the-grid. Regardless of your reasons, you can still send and receive funds as well as pay your bills without having a bank account through the following techniques. Just a word of caution before going any further. Please talk to tax advisor to prevent any possible penalties or audits. Cold, hard cash is one of the oldest, and probably the easiest, way to accept payments without having a bank account. Plus, cash is accepted everywhere.

how can i make money online without a bank account

2. Send via a Money Transfer Agent

With all the hype about making money online, you want to get your share too. The big question is how do I make money online without a credit card? You need a credit card to buy the necessities to build your online business. You will also need to accept credit cards from customers, if you want to make money online. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve online money making success without using credit cards at all. There are simple alternatives that you can use instead. The first step to making money online without a credit card is to simply learn how to earn money online.

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Are you interested in learning how to make money online without paying anything in ? I provided answers to her via email and decided to share with my other readers who might be interested in building multiples streams of online income without having to spend a dime. Yes, it is indeed possible to make money online without spending a dime, provided you receive the right guidance.

From the very moment the internet came to being, a lot of people hwo no time in taking advantage of all the opportunities. As a matter of fact, there are tons of online money-making opportunities on the internet Nigerians can benefit. However, some of them require investments. I will show you how to take advantage of several easy ways to earn on the internet for how can i make money online without a bank account. To get an approved AdSense for hosted content account, you need to own a property in one of the three largest Google-owned platforms, which are: YouTube, Blogger withoht Google PlayStore.

Virtually everyone in the world knows YouTube. Prior to understanding how YouTube worked, I always wondered why people would pass on their professional knowledge for free.

Imagine professional cooks uploading free videos to teach you how to make some of the best recipes from around the world. Although you accounf those videos for free, the owners of those videos monetize them with the YouTube Partner program, a subsidiary of Google AdSense. You too can upload YouTube videos to teach the world what you know without paying any money for the bandwidth of space you useup on the platform.

Apart from the YouTube partners program, you can also monetize your videos by adding affiliate links to the description section. Blogger is owned by Google, which also happens to own AdSense. It is one of the oldest blogging software in the world. You can create a cah for free using Blogger and monetize that blog using Google AdSense or any other means possible.

It is cheap to start a blog on WordPress with several hosting companies. But the real problem arises when you need to pay for renewals. The initial pricing is not always the same as that of renewal. And to make things better, there are free themes, support, and blog articles all over the web that will help you get the best out of the BlogSpot platform.

PlayStore is the official marketplace of all android phones and is also owned by Google. Amke you know how to create mobile apps, then it is another huge opportunity to make money for free online. The creation of mobile apps is not difficult.

You can learn app development for free using several free YouTube videos. Your ideas might not necessarily be original. Branding, interface, and the quality of your app can make it stand out from the rest. Notwithstanding, they all get a good number of downloads and make good money from their apps. Freelancing is another option for anyone looking to make money online without paying.

In summary, a freelancer or freelance worker is someone who offers his services on freelance sites and is contracted to clients for short-term jobs. In a previous guide, I shared a list of website where you can get home-based jobs in Nigeria.

All of the websites I shared require zero payments. In other words, you can begin selling your services on those platforms the next minute after you create a freelance account, all without spending a dime.

The two most popular freelance sites are Fiverr and Upwork. But trust me, there are tons of sites out there where you can list your services and get paid. This is another service you can render on accountt platforms. There are several freelance graphic design sites on the web you can sign up with for free and get graphic design jobs.

As a graphic designer, you can get jobs in design-related categories like Logo design, Greeting card design. If you possess the aa of a typist, without necessarily owning a degree in typing, then you can get typing jobs online.

The most popular typing service I know of is Transcription. You can easily offer that service in return for money. There are several other services you can render on freelance platforms.

I recommend you visit each of those websites to browse through the list of services available onlihe know the ones you can render. A paid survey website allows you to take surveys on the regular consumer products you omney in exchange for paying you certain commissions. Survey companies are quite new and there is only a handful of them in Nigeria.

Survey sites are also free to join. In the event that you come across any survey site that demands mnoey you pay a certain amount of money to take paid surveys, you need to run away as far as possible from that site. There are several international survey companies you can register. Popular survey sites available in Nigeria are :. Make sure you join as many survey sites as possible. As a result of joining several survey sites, your chances of getting a lot of surveys and making more money will increase.

They pay you for your stories and realize the money back from their readers. Not just TheSun, most popular media companies have a babk on their site that allows people to submit stories to. Bearing in mind that the world we live in is full of events, all you have to do is keep your eyes wide open to.

Hilarious, mobey, and surprising things happen around us every day, especially if you live in an urban area. Many people are not aware of the fact that media companies allow their employees to work at home.

And, as a matter of fact, media jobs are always abundant on the web. You just have to be good at what you do and be able to prove it.

Just make sure, though, that the media company you decide to work with is a credible one. There are scammers on cna web. A person who promotes or markets affiliate products in exchange for receiving a commission for sales made or leads generated is called an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing can be started without an investment. You can perform CPA marketing using a Facebook page, YouTube or any other platform that can help you connect with an audience for free.

Affiliate marketing can also be done verbally. For instance, if you have a Payoneer accountyou automatically become an affiliate if you decide to refer other users to register with Payoneer. Taking courses from reputable institutions and investing money increases your chances of earning quickly. For you to be able to teach online courses, then you must be skilled at something and be able to communicate your knowledge in the form of an eBook, video lesson. Online course platforms allow you to list your course for free in exchange for getting small commissions from whatever sales your courses generate.

Data plans in Nigeria are not free. Whichever among the ideas you decide to build upon, just make sure you learn a lot and do a lot of readings to help you get started. Making money online is not as easy as it sounds. Our Health, Educational, Career journals, hoow the likes are not intended to serve as substitutes for professional advice.

Therefore, we urge you to consult an appropriate professional before making any decision. Good job. I have learned a lot and think of going for affiliate marketing.

But I need tutorial can you help me with one. Unfortunately, I do not offer tutorials on affiliate marketing. But trust me, there tons of free resources on the web you can take advantage of. There are several YouTube videos and web pages that explain what affiliate marketing is all about and how you can become one. A lot of positives to be driven out from this article. How I wish people can see how they can make money online genuinely without engaging in cybercrime.

I would surely follow the right steps but I would go for affiliate marketing since it pay well and work best. Thanks Bukky. Please get in touch using Facebook. Thanks for the positive remark. Side hustling online is a full time way of life mney much more than a part-time online fashion marketing and blogging trend. All you need to do is to dedicate enough time to study and become good at whatever you want to.

I wish you all the best, and thanks for stopping by. Great post. Wonderful information and really very much useful. Thanks for sharing and keep updating. Hi Matt, Thank you for such great post and information. I would like to ask you about something that got mentioned in the article, affiliate marketing. It crossed my mind many times about integrating with affiliate marketing but i was waiting for right moment, and now when i have the traffic built up and trusted following, i feel like i should start promoting products related my niches.

Thank you in advance. Hi Ogudu Emmanuel, I would really love onkine do that… but unfortunately I do not offer personal lessons. The web has answers to almost all the questions you can ever think of. Thanks for stopping by. Copy and search above mentioned words on your blog post.

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how can i make money online without a bank account
The good news is you have plenty of options to transfer money. Money orders work a bit like checks. Instead, you buy one with the amount you plan to send to. Then, you sign it and mail to to the proper recipient, who can exchange it for cash. Money orders are sold at Walmart and CVS, as well as any post office and many grocery stores and gas stations. So money orders can be cheap and safe alternatives to mailing actual cash. Plus, you avoid the potential dangers of having your cash lost in the mail or stolen. According to Statista, a statistics database, Walmart runs more than 3, super centers in the U. And beyond shopping, you can also transfer money at Walmart. The retailer allows individuals to walk in and send money from one store to. The recipient simply picks it up at the particular Walmart to which the sender directed the money. Today, you can work with Western Union to send money in person, online or by phone. Below, we walk you through each of these methods:. Online : You can log on to the Western Union website or mobile app to send money to .


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